Heavy Diesel Mechanical

Our Heavy Diesel Mechanical Team has the expertise to test, disassemble and analyze components for damage, defects or extreme wear. They can also check and adjust systems and parts to make sure that they are working according to specifications. We are experienced in a wide range of engine models including Wartsila, Burgen, B&W, EMD, Caterpillar, Yanmar, Scania, Detroit and Cummins.

No matter what the size, engines are the heart of your vessel or vehicle. When they go wrong you have to stop. We provide a complete engine diagnostics service including crack pressure and hardness testing, cylinder head and block assessment, re-conditioning and cleaning as required. We specialize in marine and heavy diesel engines and also service the smaller automotive engines market. Aimex Service Group also offers an emergency diagnostic service where our engineers can be with you within short notice to assist with emergency repairs. 

Our Engine Reconditioning Team has nearly 50 years experience between them. They are supported by a complete suite of machining and reconditioning equipment to provide reliable, accurate and comprehensive recondition of your engine or specific parts as you require.

We are approved agents for Volvo, Yanmar Hydraulink, Palfinger Marine, Rapp Hydema and Rapp Bomek engines and associated parts. We carry a small stock of oil and parts on site and can source other parts as and when required. Survey time, come to Aimex Service Group and let us take the strain of ensuring your vessel complies be it the annual safety in water survey, the two year out of water valve survey or the out of water four year shaft and rudder Survey. In addition we undertake drive and propulsion surveys.

Getting the most out of your assets and the secret to longevity and optimising investment return is a dedicated maintenance plan. We work with our customers to develop these plans and to undertake their engineering maintenance over agreed periods of time.